Mouths of Babes #2

“She drank God’s blood” ~ Chandler

This sounds like a rather vampiric statement for a seven year old. Becky was discussing our Easter visit to see her Grandmother on the phone. She was saying how we went to visit Nanny in the nursing home on Easter Sunday to sing some hymns with her, give her her Easter egg and just spend some time. Randy (Becky’s step-father) is a Methodist minister and he has a mini communion kit. We also planned to do Easter communion for her. So we did the bread and the blood, etc. So while Becky was relating all the events over the phone, Chandler chimed in with “She drank God’s blood.”

Yet another classic.

Mouths of Babes #1

I’ve decided to start tracking the funny things my children say in daily life. I have to admit they are very sincere when they say them, but they are so funny in their innocence that it just makes Beck and I laugh. Case in point…

We were watching Extreme Home Makeover (yes I know it’s over the top, but as a right brain person I love the design ideas) as a family. This one was in Kentucky and it was about a boy named Patrick Henry Something (I forget the last name). Anyway Patrick Henry was born without eyes and the ability to straighten out his limbs. This has left him blind and in a wheelchair. Of course the father admits he questioned God about why he did this to their child or why He allowed it to happen.

Long story short, Patrick Henry is a master musician! He plays the piano beautifully and writes his own compositions. He also plays the trumpet in his school’s marching band! Yes he marches in formations (his Dad pulls him around in his wheelchair so he can be part of the band on the field). It was truly inspiring. Patrick Henry has a very sweet spirit and such a joy for life it really touches your heart.

So when the show first started and they were covering Patrick Henry’s birth and his disabilities and they got to the part about his being born without eyes… Sierra looks over at Beck and I and says…

“Why didn’t he have eyes? Did God run out of eyes?”  

Needless to say the precious factor was at 10.