Syndey the Shoe-Monger’s Destructometer

I’ve decided to start tracking the destructiveness of my 9 month old Australian Shepherd puppy. We have had him for one month as of 9/26/2008. Now keep in mind we give him plenty to eat and he has plenty of doggy things to chew on. He purely does this out of boredom. Just shows we have to exercise him for 30-40 minutes DAILY or he gets really bored.

He has committed the following thus far:

~ Chewed Becky’s iBook power extension cord. Chewed the wall plug right off.

~ Destroyed my FOM (pronounced foam) pillow. Billions of white micro beads all over the house now.

~ Chewed one of the two straps off one of my Birkenstock sandals so now it won’t stay on my foot unless I shuffle that leg.

~ Chewed the top of the heel of one of my Italian leather dress shoes. I caught him early.

~ Chewed the tongue out of one of my tennis shoes.

~ Chewed the foot off my youngest daughter’s Cabbage Patch baby doll.

~ ATE a PetSmart frisbee.

~ ATE Barbie’s right leg from the knee down.

~ ATE a full fried chicken breast off Becky’s plate when she turned her back. Don’t worry we got the bones before he ate those.

~ Pulled a giant ball of carpet fabric up off our berber carpet.

~ Chewed the heel of one of Sierra’s school tennis shoes and ATE the laces.

~ Chewed door molding.

~ ATE Crayola modeling clay.

~ Chewed off a corner of our ottoman.

~ ATE the equivalent of a small box of Crayola crayons.

~ Chewed a handbag.

~ ATE a corner of Chad’s weekly school planner.

~ Chewed a corner off of Amanda’s homework folder.

~ Destroyed a Christmas book (the kind with all the buttons down the side that make noises and music while you read the story).

~ Destroyed at least 3-4 full rolls of paper towels.

— to be continued (most likely) —

A New Classic SNL Political Spoof: Palin/Clinton

This is probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time from SNL.

Tina Fey (Palin) & Amy Poehler (Clinton)