Mouths of Babes #12

amandaMe: Has anyone seen the TV remote?

Amanda(6): Hmm. Now let me retrace my steps…

Mouths of Babes #8

Amanda (6) wearing a pink/white princess ball cap with the brim cocked to the side…

Becky: “Amanda, why are you wearing your hat like that?”

Amanda: “I’m a gangsta yo!”

Becky: “Don’t walk around saying that.”

Mouths of Babes #6

Amanda… running up to me while watching TV:

“Daddy! Call 911! I need hugs stat!”

I kid you not… she said ‘stat’…

Mouths of Babes #3

Me: Amanda (5), are you ready for the new Cheetah Girls movie?

Amanda: Yes. I’m excited.

Me: Is it on tonight?

Amanda: Yes. 8… 7 central. Only on Disney Channel.