I’ll Never Get My Lawn Cut…

If this hits I’ll never get my lawn dried out enough to mow it. *sigh*

Sign o’ the End Times?

Becky made an eerie point last night. She saw the Obama/Biden campaign flair and noticed:

Obama Biden <———–> Osama Bin Laden

very weird.

Getting Older

I find it sad that I feel better after consuming a vitamin, two fiber-con and a Mountain Dew.

Mouths of Babes #3

Me: Amanda (5), are you ready for the new Cheetah Girls movie?

Amanda: Yes. I’m excited.

Me: Is it on tonight?

Amanda: Yes. 8… 7 central. Only on Disney Channel.

Fay is Annoying

I hardly slept at all last night. Sliding screen door kept slamming the house out back. Lock it you say? I would, had I not lost the entire door locking gizmos when I took it off for Charlie 4 years ago. *sigh* procrastination kills… my REM state.

Vacation ’08: Day 6

Today was a great day. We decided to head out to Lake Lure for a boat tour. It’s about a 40 minute drive through the mountains. Lots of winding roads and acceleration and deceleration. Not a ride for those who get motion sick easily. But the scenery was amazing and it is a really nice drive. We arrived at Lake Lure but we were too late for the 2pm tour. So we booked the 3pm tour.

Then we drove back up the road a bit to Chimney Rock and looked at one one of Becky’s favorite little shops. We also decided to grab a bite to eat. We went to Laura’s House and had a light bite. Problem is it took too long to get our meal and we had to push our tour back till 4pm. We snapped some quick pics and got a couple of small things at the store and headed back out to the lake for the tour. It’s about an hour on the lake in a pontoon boat with a guide. There is a ton of history surrounding the lake and the homes that are along the banks are amazing.

After the tour we headed back to Black Mountain. We decided to go ahead and go to My Father’s Pizza & Pasta. Probably one of the best pizza joints ever. The pizza is amazing. We always visit when we are here. Since my birthday is this Friday we decided to make it my birthday dinner. We all had a great meal and actually a great time even though the kids were tired from the boat ride. They get up so early in the mountains and by the time the adults rise up they’ve been up for about three hours. Don’t worry, they don’t go outside for fear of the bears. LOL

Outside My Father’s there was a little coy pond and some more flowers with more butterflies. You know me, I can’t resist a good butterfly shot so I snapped a couple. We all headed back to the house for baths and bed for the kids. Since it was my birthday night I picked the movie. My choice… testosterone-filled choice of the night… The Condemned. Needless to say the ladies didn’t watch it because it is really a pretty violent movie. But is was a good way to end the night for me after a week of kids movies and chick flicks.

There’s a bunch of photos so feel free to check out the album on my Facebook.

Day 6 ends…

Vacation ’08: Day 5

Today was pretty uneventful. We lounged around for a while. Randy decided he wanted ribs too. Becky and Mom went back to the Sourwood Festival to finish hitting the booths they missed the day before. When they got back Randy went for his ribs. He was told it would be 45 minutes. Then like two hours later he finally got his ribs! Two Hours! Wow. Anyway he got back and we all had a great meal of ribs and the fixins.

After the meal we decided to go play putt putt at a course just up the road. It was a prety laid back night. Sierra and I both got a hole-in-one. Nana lost two balls to the water. It was 18 holes and it really has to be one of the hardest putt putt courses I’ve ever been on. It was on the side of a mountain so you can imagine the gravity that came into play.

Enjoy the photos.