Bipolar or Just Too Much Sugar & Caffeine?

I’ve wondered lately if I suffer from mild bipolar disorder or if I just have too much sugar and caffeine in my diet. I mean the effects of both are about the same (depending on the dosage of caffeine/sugar). One just requires medication. During the weekends, when I am away from the vending machine in our breakroom that bekons me to get the 20 ounce bottle of green joy that is Mountain Dew, I become quite down and depressed. I’m sure it’s due to the lack of caffeine in my system over the two days off, but sometimes I just wonder if it could just be that I’m a fast-cycle bipolar and I just happen to go through my ‘down slope’ on the weekends. Maybe I just get depressed because I know I should be out doing the lawn. Maybe I get depressed because I know Monday is coming. Meh… it’s gotta be the caffeine.¬†Also… why doesn’t caffeine follow the ‘i after e’ rule?¬†

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