The Value of a Handycam

Most people have a handycam nowadays. Problem is they keep them in a bag in the closet and only bring them out at holidays or special events. Currently I am one of those but also I’m so afraid that the kids will get their hands on it and break it. Me personally I would like to keep mine out and ‘handy’ for those once-in-a-lifetime moments that happen when you are a parent of small children.

Case in point…

Last night we were watching the CMT awards. We sent Amanda off to take her bath. Now remember she’s the singer/actress of the three kids. She sings constantly and she’s always mugging in a mirror. So we are watching Miley and Billy Ray do their host thing and we hear this little song in the bathroom. We couldn’t make it out. Sierra promptly told us it was ‘The Hokey Pokey’. We muted the TV and listened. Sure enough it was indeed the Hokey Pokey. Amanda was just putting random body parts in, body parts out and shaking them all about.

Luckily the handycam was indeed handy and I grabbed it to capture it before she got down to her toes. I positioned myself by the door and began taping. She was only half visible because of the shower curtain, but it was enough to be too funny. I got the elbows and shoulders taped before she saw me and let out an emphatic “Daddy!” then hid behind the curtain. Needless to say it was hysterical. The camera battery died just a few minutes later.

I guess this just shows that if you have a handycam and small kids you should keep it out or in a spot that is easily reached for those fleeting moments of joy around the house.

I’ll post the clip somewhere if I can.