‘Bout Time I Learned

I’ve had a lot less stress in my life lately… or at least it ‘feels’ that way. Not sure if it’s less pressure or more of me just not caring. Whatever it is, it has done one significant thing: it has awakened my long dormant creative muse.

I’ve always been a creative person even from childhood. I would draw for hours and hours as a kid. I’d even draw on paper plates if I had gone through my newsprint doodle pad. I actually still have those plates too. My Grandmother kept everything I ever drew just about. Bless her heart. Anyway, as I said my muse had taken a hiatus for several years. I’ve use my ‘talents’ everyday since then, but that was for work or friends & family and most of that was stuff where I didn’t have to really be all that creative, just make what I was asked for. Not all that satisfying though.

Lately I’ve felt the muse stirring. I’ve had several creative ideas for things ranging from t-shirts to motorcycle tanks. The last one is very odd because I do not own a motorcycle. Must be American Chopper. But one thing the muse has stirred up again from my angst-filled teen years is singing and poetry. I’ve been welcomed to the church worship band and I really enjoy it. I’ve forgotten how fun it is and how hard reading music can be and learning parts and all that goes with it. I’ve even had the urge to write some poetry again as well. I used to write a lot when I was in high school. I’ve had several themes for poems pop into my head randomly over the last few months. I should probably find the time to sit quietly and compose them. Funny how life can kill off the time to do meaningful things that bring satisfaction to the spirit at times, no?

One thing I’ve always regretted was never learning a musical instrument completely. I’ve dabbled in various ones throughout my life but having a short-attention span and a very creative mind as a child lead to short bursts of commitment to things. I’ve had organ lessons, trumpet, bassoon (don’t ask), and even learned to bang around decently on the drums by ear. Unfortunately, I never fell in love with one. Probably because art was more important to me. But you can’t strum a 1″ camel-hair, chisel-tip paintbrush around a campfire and sing Kumbayah to it.

So one thing I’d like to do before I die is learn to play an instrument. My choice? The guitar of course. Acoustic, not electric. I don’t want to be a flemenco player or classical… nor I do not want to be Estaban and schill my gear on HSN. I just want to be able to strum in tune and learn the basics for now. If it grows from there great, but I don’t expect too much from myself for now. So, the hunt begins for a good starter guitar. I’ve started my research on the Internet and have some pretty good ideas on what I’d like to get and all that. But I will of course be seeking first-hand knowledge from actual players… so if you play and I know you… watch out.

Of course all this could just be in my head because I’ll be 40 *cough* this summer and my mid-life is starting. I think it’s God opening up the floodgates of creativity for the next half of my life… but with my luck, most likely it’s just my hormones chipping away at the last bits of mortar in the brick wall that separates youth from senility. We’ll see I guess.

MOOD THIS POST: Tired. At this moment I’m the oldest I’ve ever been.