My Poetry from 1984-86 ~ “Friend”


Hello again, oh dear sweet friend. How have you been so far?
You’ve lifted me out of my dark pits when I wasn’t up to par.
I thank you for your caring heart, the love you’ve shown to me.
And when my eyes were closed to things, you opened them so I could see.
I care for you, oh friend of mine, with a love so deep and tender.
You’ve helped me through the real hard times and the wounds that they did render.
So now, dear friend, let me say again, I’ll love you till the end.
You are right now and will always be my closest, dearest friend.

My Poetry from 1984-86 ~ “Live”

I was looking through some old paperwork and I happened upon three poems I had written back in like 1984-86. I thought I’d share. Keep in mind I’m no Shakespeare and how much life experience can one really have at 17-18 years old? LOL


Live for the Lord Almighty, be just and right and true.
Test not His mighty power for great harm may come to you.
Just trust in Him with all your heart, give all to Him within.
He is all you need in life, yes all you need is Him.

* Maybe not the most theologically sound, but it was what I felt back then LOL *