Chandler Turns Seven

ChandlerWell yet another milestone in the Williams family. Chandler turned seven! Hard to believe my baby boy is so big now. He’s so funny and all boy. We went bowling at his request and had a great time. He loves bowling. We almost didn’t make the bowling happen as we didn’t book an official party. We got there and they were having a tournament and all the lanes were taken by the tournament or birthday parties. We started to freak a little bit as we thought of options. We tried another close bowling alley and they too were completely full. So we had to try the alternate plan of Chuck E. Cheese. Sad part was we had to do it the previous birthday party because it was raining and we had no other choice.

So we asked Chandler if he was okay with Chuck E. Cheese and his face just dropped. It was one of those looks of utter disappointment. Becky’s heart was starting to break. He thought about it a few minutes and then he said he was fine with CEC. Of course we as parents weren’t. Chandler is the middle child and the only boy so between his domineering older sister and mommy-clinging little sister he usually gets the short end of the stick. Luckily he’s pretty flexible and goes with the flow, but we wanted his day to be special and for him to get what he wanted.

So after all the party guests had arrived I tried one more time at the counter. I asked if there was even one lane off in a corner we could use because he had his heart set on bowling and he was very sad. The guy at the counter looked and said he had two lanes that had just opened up. We of course grabbed them! Each child got 2 games and the guy didn’t even charge us for shoes because it was Chandler’s birthday! It was awesome. Pizza, soda and a big Spongebob cake. Everything went really well.

Needless to say Chandler had a great time and enjoyed his special day.