My ‘File’

Info about me? I span the globe (the one on my desk) seeking out evildoers whom I vanquish with my uber-art skills. I make humanity safe for… errr… whatever.

Don’t worry, I’ll fill this out more when I have time to expound upon all the things that make me awesome.

Birthday: August 15, 1967
Birthplace: Melbourne, Florida (yee-haw)

Wife: Rebecca (Becky)

Kid #1: Sierra Brooke
Kid #2: Chandler Wesley
Kid #3: Amanda Summer

Pet #1: Leo – Chocolate-point Himalayan
Pet #2: Hammy Houdini – Hamster
Pet #3: Casper, Nemo, Rachenka – 3 Oscars (fish) *update: fish are all dead; long story*

Occupation: User Interface Software Engineer
Employer: Wyndham Vacation Ownership

One Response

  1. Scott, I’m researching company IP policies and the ability to develop a (graphic design, webs site design)professional portfolio using things one has created (in the category of “work for hire)”. Do you have any suggestions?

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