In Memory of Christian ‘Hammy’ Williams

This is not Hammy but it is what he looked like in his prime.

This is not Hammy but it is what he looked like in his prime.

We all know death is a part of life. It is perhaps the hardest part of life to learn to accept. Especially when it is someone or something you care for with all your heart. Sadly we lost our beloved hamster ‘Hammy’ late last night. The kids are devastated which absolutely rips our hearts out. We are trying to use this as a life lesson for them.

I went to get Hammy for a quick bath as he’s been looking a bit haggard lately. Hammy was a honey bear hamster and the usual life expectancy is around 2 years. Hammy was 3. We honestly though he was going to die about 6 months ago. So in preparation we bought another hamster (Frapaccino) to lessen the blow and ease the transition of losing Hammy. However hammy tricked us and lived another 6 months!!! He was a very old man.

I picked him up and noticed he was very cold to the touch, not the usual warm little bundle of fur we have grown to love. I watched closely and he was still breathing, but very labored. I had a feeling he was on his last hours. I gave him a quick little warm bath to freshen him up and we began to gather the kids and let them spend some final moments with their little guy. They each held him, swaddled in a hand towel, for a few minutes and said their goodbyes. It was definitely not the end to a beautiful day that we wanted.

We put all the kids to bed at 10:30 P.M., weeping, and I re-swaddled Hammy snug as a bug and placed him back in his tank. It’s 2 A.M. as I write this and I checked him at 1:35 A.M. just to see if he was still hanging in there. Sadly he had passed away. Now we will have to have a small funeral tomorrow night in the backyard and place Hammy under the tree.

Hammy made us laugh all the time. He was very sweet every day he was with us. Hammy never bit us. He always had a sweet spirit and loved to be held and played with. He was famous for his escapes and we often found him in the darnedest places. In the pan drawer of the stove, slinking along the walls, and in the couch eating Cheetos. His favorite thing was licking pancake batter off our fingers.

He was truly a great pet and will be sadly missed.

2 Responses

  1. I am so sorry to hear that. I loved the little guy, and Leighton just adored him. Now every time she sees a small tiny animal she calls them Hammy; it’s very cute. I am so glad we got to spend the week with him while you were in NC to get to know the gentle spirit. God Bless to the family….Love you!

  2. I am still crying about it today, even though I’ve had all day to let it sink in. Even though we knew he’d lived much longer than we originally expected, it’s still hard to say goodbye when that moment finally comes. I will always be thankful that Hammy was our first hamster…he was truly special and was the perfect personality to introduce our Zoo Crew to little furry animals! Sierra named him Christian when we first got him, but somehow over time, we just thought that Hammy lovingly referred to him better…after all, he kept us laughing all the time with his funny antics!

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