Vacation ’08: Day 3

Another lazy day. We got up and went out for breakfast at a little place in Cheshire Village called the Morning Glory Cafe. It’s a little artsy type cafe with great food and good sized portions. Nice local art on the walls and lots of sunshine. It was a very relaxing breakfast and we even got some photos as well. We then drove through Cheshire Village. We hadn’t been there in a couple of years and they were just starting to build it last time we were here. It is nearly complete now. It is really nice and kind of a chalet style layout of the houses. REALLY nice houses too.

Oh on our way to the cafe we passed a man on the side of the road. He was an African-American gentleman, looked to be in his 50’s or 60’s. We was wearing a Civil War style hat and was holding a large Confederate flag on a pole and waving to traffic as they passed by. At first I thought nothing of it, then it hit me how funny that was. I knew I had to get a picture but I thought he’d be there after breakfast. Sadly he wasn’t. That would be a classic photo. Just shows you need your camera out and ready at all times when on vacation. Becky even thought of a title for the photo, “No hard feelings.” I nearly spit out my Cheerwine at breakfast at that. I hope he is back out there sometime before we go home. I really want a photo of him.

As we headed back to the cabin to await the arrival of Nana & Grandpa Randy, the day was so perfect we drove slowly through town. There’s a big ‘Sourwood Festival‘ this weekend or something so we thought we’d check that out. As we drove back I snapped a few pics from the van of downtown Black Mountain… enjoy.

After a quick straighten up of the house we waited for Nana to arrive. Finally they got here safe and sound. They have a Prius rental and they had the funky key thing as well. Anyway, the girls all decided to run off to the local shops for some ‘shopping’ while the Y chromosomes stayed back at the cabin to chillax. Randy and I played our computer games LOL. Shows the difference in what vacations are to people. While chillaxin’ I popped on SciFi and watched a little X-files. Still one of the best shows ever. I slowly dozed off. The realized I was very uncomfortable on the couch and moved to the bed for a comfy nap.

The ladies had returned from shopping at the shops then decided to go shopping for food. Don’t ask me why there were two trips made. I was asleep and happy to not be part of the decision for once. I don’t really care how the cookies get in the pantry, just that they are there at all is fine. While they went to the local Ingles I decided to snap some photos of the butterflies at the front of the neighborhood. They were all over the place. I braved the honey bees (allergic thank you very much) and snapped some pics in macro mode on the little Kodak. I really need a Nikon D40 or some kind of decent SLR. Butterflies move to fast for a non-SLR camera for sure. Anyway enjoy the pics.

After a yummy dinner at the house we did our nightly gauntlet with the kids of baths, teeth brushing, hair combing, etc. and settled in for a movie. Bee Movie ironically. I love that movie. Seinfeld is still one of the best. There are so many subtle jokes in it I catch something new each time. Anyway, after the movie it was time to put the kids down (non-lethal of course) and relax. I, of course, tackled the task of blogging the day’s events.

It is all quiet here now. I can hear a train off in the distance.

Day 3 ends…

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  1. Sounds like you all are having a great time! The pics of the butterflies and flowers are beautiful. I especially like the last one.

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