Chandler Graduates to Wolf

Today we celebrated a milestone for our son Chandler. His Cub Scout Pack had its end of the year graduation picnic today at Fort Christmas. It was a lot of fun. Becky’s Mom & Stepfather attended. Chandler earned his Wolf book for selling discount cards. He also earned a ribbon for his uniform for attending the Family Fun Fest and helping out. He also got to carry the pack flag in the color guard (it was about 3 times his height LOL). Lastly, and most importantly I had the honor of graduating him to the next step in Scouting… Wolf Scout. He got his new yellow neckerchief and slide knot. We get to keep his orange Tiger Cub neckerchief so we’ll put it somewhere safe for when he gets older if he wants it.

We also built his Raingutter Regatta boat kit the night before and he got to race it. We had a great lunch, tossed the football around (he’s got a strong arm and can spiral the ball already), took a walk through the really old period houses they have at Fort Christmas, and generally just had a great fun time with the family. The girls came as well.

Chandler just seemed to beam from ear to ear each time his name was called and he got a new award. He was very adorable and honestly could be a poster boy for Cub Scouts… but of course I’m biased a bit. We are very proud of him. Our little baby boy is growing up so fast.

You can see more pictures here.

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  1. Are you glad that Chad is a wolf scout now?! I liked the graduation, part. I also liked the settler houses, too! You should have been there! it was soooo, cool. And one more thing, when I’m older, can I have your comic book collection? But I PROMISE, to keep them in a SAFE, place. I was thinking about the age of…….. about, 19. Or something, like that. Probably when I’m more mature then I am, now. Well, gots to, go!

    Your first daughter,Sierra.

    P.S.I barely, went to school, today! I was only there, for not even an hour! Me, Chad, and mommy, took of about 8:45 am. I left school at 9:30!

    ttfn, ttyl, and l8r! TOOTLEZ!

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