Miley Update: Parents Weren’t There

Well it appears that Vanity Fair and Leibovitz have been caught in a bold-face lie. Their original claim was that Miley’s parents were present and even saw the photos after they were taken on the set. It seems that is untrue. Apparently Billy Ray and her mom slipped away from the shoot leaving Miley’s grandmother and teacher to supervise her for the rest of the shots. Apparently this is when Leibovitz approached them on the ‘artsy’ photo subject and manipulated them into letting it happen under the guise of ‘art’.

Of course Billy Ray has fired back saying he never approved the pictures nor would he have let them happen had he been there. Apparently he is mortified that his daughter was photographed this way. There is an article about what apparently really happened.

So where does this leave the situation? We’ll have to see. But apparently Disney has ordered Miley to lay-low for 4-6 months while this sorts itself out. So don’t expect to see here anywhere for a while.

My opinion: If indeed Miley’s parents were not there and all this happened as several news sources are now saying, someone needs to be made an example of. Vanity Fair, Leibovitz, whomever. The line needs to be redrawn so society relearns that the sexualization of young girls is immoral. Photos of minors like this are highly inappropriate if not illegal and hiding behind ‘art’ isn’t going to cut it anymore. Quite honestly anyone who was involved in the manipulation of this girl and her guardians into allowing these photos should be held accountable by authorities. Vanity Fair should also be held accountable. While not responsible for taking the photos they had the moral and legal obligation to NOT print them. They chose the low road to sell a few magazines and bank off of Miley’s popularity. Bravo. Such a high culture magazine.

3 Responses

  1. Such a shame…someone should definitely be held accountable, particularly the photographer herself! I say that ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine needs to change its name to ‘Vanity Bare’…OK, that’s a bad pun, I know…but I just couldn’t resist!

  2. Vanity Foul is more like it.

  3. Amen! I agree with everything you said!

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