Wow! I suck so bad at blogging!

Well you’d think being an internet designer and a geek I’d be blogging every day. Well I guess I blow that stereotype out the door. Honestly it’s probably just laziness. Maybe apathy. Maybe both. Maybe it’s just that I type all day and I’m bored of typing rants or pictures of puppies. Maybe it’s just that my life is uber-boring and the most exciting thing that’s happened is the new gray hairs in my beard. Maybe it’s just that no one reads this blog… not even my wife links to it anymore.*sigh*Maybe I should blog more. Maybe I can get it all out of my system. Maybe I can find something to be passionate about again.Maybe.

MOOD THIS POST: Moody.Midol moody. If I could take Midol I mean.

3 Responses

  1. Hola, honey! I just happened to check your page to see if you had posted anything recently and voila!! Sure enough, you just posted something yesterday! Sorry, honey…I will add your link back onto our Zoo Crew page. I just had a few too many so I decided to pare things down and since I thought you had given up blogging, it didn’t seem necessary to link to your page. I am adding it back on right now! I love you!! Welcome back…let’s hope you don’t go another 9 months before posting again…LOL!! Love, Becky

  2. From one sucky blogger to another…I’m sure it’s just that you have a busy and important life…you don’t have time to blog. That’s what I tell myself. We missed you last night.

  3. I think it makes perfect sense not to blog much when you are on the computer all day for work stuff! DOn’t be too hard on yourself!

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