Wow! Been a while…

Well life has taken over a bit, well actually the expansion pack for my favorite video game has. I realized I haven’t posted in a month or two so here’s an update…

I’m sick. I have a really bad head cold. I lost my voice completely just days before I am supposed to sing with the worship band at church for the first time. I made it to practice just in case, but as of this post… I doubt I’ll be up on stage this weekend. At least I can talk a bit again. For a day I had nothing but a squeak… literally. I am so bummed out right now. I guess someone, (insert favorite name for the devil here), doesn’t want me to sing. BUT I WILL BE VICTORIOUS! MUHAHAHAHA! I WILL SING AGAIN!

Now where’s my Nyquil and my blanky… Hooooooooney!?

MOOD THIS POST: Groggy. Mmmm cough syrup.

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