More Precious Than Diamonds, But Diamonds Are Cheaper

102_2193.JPGOne of the adventures we went on during our trip to North Carolina was to go gem mining again. We went last year during our trip and the kids loved it so we wanted to go again. We piled into the van and the Zoo Crew was on its way. We drove about an hour or so to the place. It’s a little building right next to the Broad River. They pipe river water up to a trough. You pay $20 a bucket. Each bucket is filled with river sand and gravel and they seed it with all kinds of gem stones. Geode pieces, crystal points, Apache tears, emerald glass, garnet, quartz, etc. The amethysts are the nicest though. Sometimes you get one that goes from purple to clear. Very cool.

You put three scoops of bucket fodder into a screening box. They turn on the water and you sift the water through the box bottom to remove the sand and reveal your treasures. They kids usually sqeal with glee when they find a geode piece or a big amethyst. All in all they did really well this year. I think we are going to make it an annual thing when we go up there. They add new stones each year so you can get different things each time.

The river runs right by the troughs and of course Chandler likes to throw in big rocks to hear the ‘KERPLOP‘ as they go in the water. Problem is the river current is very fast and the water comes in from the mountains so it’s very cold and it’s a 20-30 foot drop to the water. Sierra joined in wearing her Heelys which made us nervous to no end because we thought she might slip back on the wheels and slide down over the cliff. No there was no fence or barrier. That would be… safe. Needless to say we came back with all three kids safe and sound, which I guess is a good thing… heh.

102_2204.JPG 102_2199.JPG 102_2205.JPG 102_2210.JPG

Becky’s Mom and her husband Randy went with us as well. Fun was had by all in the end.

We are going to take our gems and put them in a glass bowl and use it in the house somewhere.

MOOD THIS POST: Energized. Must be the crystals.

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