Nothing Could Be Finah Than To Be In Carolina…

Well we got back from our trip last night around 9PM. It was an uneventful trip as far as driving. We made it up to NC in about 9 hours and about 9.5 on the way back. The kids did great considering they had no videos to watch this time. We had a wonderful time! We actually got to relax and rest as well as do some fun things. I will be posting some of the stuff we did over the next few posts. Hope you enjoy.

The Grove Park Inn

First adventure we did was to go to the Grove Park Inn in Ashville, NC. Truly an amazing place with an amazing view. Actually several amazing views… here’s the view from the back veranda off the lobby…

Grove Park Panarama

102_2137.JPG 102_2138.JPG 102_2170.JPG

Apparently a ton of famous people have stayed and continue to stay there. From Presidents to actors. They have walls filled with headshots of nearly every famous person that has stayed there. Didn’t see Chuck Norris anywhere but I may have missed it.

They have this world famous spa that is underground and fed by hot springs (I think). In the panarama above you can the skylights of the spa (the glass pyramid thing in the center). It was a LOT of stairs to climb down with three small kids so we decided to see the spa on the next trip.

Gingerbread WinnerWe went to see the gingerbread house competition entries. Some of these houses were amazing and were 100% edible. There were all kinds of categories from child to adult age groups. Some were very creative. Here’s a picture of the first place winner (right).

Xmas treeNot only were there gingerbread houses everywhere there were also Christmas trees everywhere. Very nicely decorated trees. Here’s a sample of one (left). I can only guess at the price of just one of these trees. they were in front of nearly every window as you walked down the hallways.

Becky’s brother stayed here on his honeymoon. She wants to maybe stay here for one of our anniversaries so we may look into that. Maybe I can get them to put up my headshot? Hopefully it won’t be behind the main desk with a sign that says “Do not accept checks from this man.”

MOOD THIS POST: Mood - Smile Rested and ready for the new year…
I forgot I have to unpack!




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