A Way Up Yonder On The Cataloochee

The main goal of our trip was to relax, but also to let the kids see snow for the first time. Being Florida kids they get sun and heat most of the time and we wanted them to experience the snowy, coldy goodness of the mountains. Sadly it appeared the rain and warm weather had followed us up from Florida and it was in the high 50’s our first couple of days. There was no snow to be found in Black Mountain. So we decided to take a drive and go to Maggie Valley and the Cataloochee Ski Area. Quite the drive. But the payoff was worth it.

We parked in a central parking area and then took an old school bus to the top of the mountain and the ski area itself. The kids squealed with delight at seeing the snow. We climbed off the bus and made our way into the ski area. Of course the kids immediately dove into the snow (more of a slushy ice… but what they don’t know won’t hurt them). Chad immediately started making snowballs. His mission was to have a snowball fight… with whoever got in the way. Sierra’s mission was more artistic. She wanted to build a snowman. Amanda? Well she was just giggling and having fun. The adults’ mission was to not slip in the snow/ice and bust our butts. All missions were completed successfully. Enjoy some pictures…


Needless to say everyone had fun and worked up and appetite. We went to Cherokee after this and actually found a Pizza Inn! We enjoyed a crispy pizza that took us back to our childhoods and then began the long drive back to the house. Driving on mountain roads is very tiring. I think I need another nap.

MOOD THIS POST: Defensive. They will never get me!

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  1. Those pics are great!
    Glad you all had a good time!

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