On the Road Again

The countdown has begun. in just a few short hours the Williams Zoo Crew will be packed into the ol’ Sedona and heading north to Black Mountain, NC. We will be staying a week at Becky’s mom’s place.

We don’t really have an agenda planned. We really just want to relax and get away. Start the new year off with something positive. I personally could just curl up on a couch with a blanket and a remote and just do absolutely nothing.

It looks to be about a 10 hour drive. The kids did great last year. They played games and watched movies. It should be even easier this trip because they are a bit older. We’ll see though. Gotta try and get the bathroom stop timing coordinated so we all go at the same time. Round-robin potty stops are not my idea of efficient travel time.

HammyWe’re taking the hamster with us too. Hammy Houdini is an escape artist extraordinaire and we don’t feel safe leaving him alone in the house with Leo the cat. Hammy finds different ways of escaping his cage from time to time and he usually ends up in the pan drawer of the stove. So Hammy comes along for the ride. Cat and fish stay home.

Well it’s wheels up at 6AM so I have a lot of packing and planning to do. I had to mow the lawn and take down all the outside Christmas lights before we leave. I get to pack all the stuff we take into a very small space in the van. It truly is an impressive feat if I do say so. I guess I took something away from the Army besides bad knees… the ability to pack.

MOOD THIS POST: Mood - Laugh Laughing in the face of a family trip.

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