They Go In Sets of Three

two down… on to go

It’s a well known idea that all things come and go in 3’s. Good things, bad things, people dying, etc. Well at Chic-fil-A today I was waiting for the unbelievably slow day crew to get my order together and I happened to see the USA Today paper on the counter. Surprisingly I saw that James Brown and President Ford both had died in the last few days. I guess the ‘Godfather of Soul’ didn’t feel so good (sorry but it was too easy and had to be said).

I was truly shocked because obviously I’ve been buried in the holiday chaos to even turn on a news channel or read a news web site. So since we have two down, the question is… who’s next?

My personal feeling is Saddam… apparently the clock is ticking for him.

MOOD THIS POST: Mood - Wary Paranoid… am I next?

UPDATE: Well I guess it was Saddam who capped out the three.


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