I’m In a Star Wars State of Mind…

Thought for the day: “The Force is like duct tape… it has a light side, a dark side, and it binds the universe together.”

I was organizing my DVD collection the other day and I ran across my copy of Star Wars Episode III. I put all six movies together… quite the double trilogy! That being said… I got curious to see what funny pictures of stormtroopers I could find out on the web… man did I hit the jackpot! Here are some of my finds (the captions are mine though):

Crap! This thing doesn’t take Imperial credits?! Maybe I can call collect…

Umm… this is not my speeder… crap! Not again!

Ok… I can’t read anything here. I miss Tatooine… sniffle…

Ahhhh finally a moment to myself.

There’s a reason it’s called the Yellow Sector.

Recruitment Incentive #1: The Condos and Private Resorts

Recruitment Incentive #2: The Social Mixers

Recruitment Incentive #3: New Co-Ed Garrisons!

This kind of thing wouldn’t have happened to me back in the day…

Stormtrooper Pet Peeves

11. “Bathroom in a Bag” uniform attachment gets leaky sometimes.

10. Health plan doesn’t cover “laser burn.”

9. Annoying hum of tie fighters makes it hard to concentrate during battles.

8. Constant “helmet hair.”

7. Tired of appearing on Tatooine’s Funniest Home Videos.

6. Cloned family members always bugging you for job.

5. Only thing plastic “armor” stops is you from moving quickly.

4. They only show the dumb stuff we do in the movies, none of our great accomplishments or charity work.

3. Helmet not rated for impact with control room door.

2. Nobody ever asks you how you are.

1. Never seem to find the droids you’re looking for.

And for the ULTIMATE stormtroper spoof click here. (be sure to watch for the MST3K nod)

MOOD THIS POST: Mood - Wary Blaster-burned

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